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Rocket CDS

A free open-source CMS with quick and easy data delivery.

Rocket CDS is a flexible and scalable Content Delivery System with an intigrated CMS. Everything you need to build data systems and websites quickly. 

An intuitive user experience to make life easier. 

ECO friendly, high security, quick to build, easy to edit and flexible low code

Rocket with DNN framework

Rocket CDS is a free expansion of DNN.  For over 20 years DNN has been the lead Open Source .Net CMS. It continues to be the best open-source option for data systems and website creation, with support from a large worldwide community.  

Rocket is 100% compatible with the latest DNN and can be installed onto an existing DNN system or be built as a new system.

Rocket CDS is a perfect fit for the DNN framework and offers all the flexibility your content requires.

  • Complete control over your content
  • Designed for DNN
  • API-driven, modular components and services

Content Delivery System

Manage all your content easily in an intuitive UI, with an API to make data flow where you need it.

ECO friendly

Rocket has been designed to build ECO friendly websites. Control content and create lightweight websites that SEO engines and users will love.

Free & Open Source

To help promote ECO friendly website creation, Rocket CDS is FREE and open source.

Content, Directories, Ecommerce, Administration, endless possibilities...

Use Rocket to create, manage, and deliver content for all your digital use cases.



Rocket Content is a flexible and expandable page builder for DNN. It focuses on providing a powerful, user friendly experience.



Rocket Directory for ever expanding content. Lists, Categories Tags, Properties, Search, Detail Information and more. Everything to manage the view to your data collections.

Intra & Extranet

Intra & Extranet

Private Administration systems for business. Join everyone together with real time data communication. Go mobile and get all the data in one place for everyone at anytime.

Resources Center

Resources Center

Manage and publish content for employees, partners and customers on Intranet, Extranet or partner portals.